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Henk 19-10-2012 16:23
Karin Ploeft 09-10-2012 20:10
Hieperdepiep Hoera!
Vandaag is Webtek
Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd, fijne dag!
Luistervink 07-10-2012 11:07
Wat leuk dat ik Eward Niesing hier hoor. Echt geweldig.
Jo van Limburg 22-09-2012 19:55
Daarnet geluisterd naar "Mokerslag" met
Schitterend programma met een klasse
DaveWilliams 17-09-2012 18:30

My grateful thanks to everyone who tuned in and
supported me this afternoon. It was scary, but great
fun to do.
Hopefully, this little experiment paves the
way for some "live" Sunday night broadcasts
of the Golden Memories Show, in the near future. Very
special thanks to WebTek, and everyone at SurfRadio
headquarters in Holland for making this possible.
Tony David 17-09-2012 13:51
Congrats to Dave W whose live \'Test\' show
sounded fantastic. Well done all at Surf who made it
happen. Well done Dave.
Luistervink 17-09-2012 13:47
Hello Dave and the Surfradio Technicalteam-technicians
to make it
possible to have a live program come from a
Studio in Liverpool, England. And it sounds great!
Dutch listener, Luistervink.
Age 16-09-2012 13:52
Wilde ik graag weer eens naar \'de luie
zondagmiddag\' luisteren, is die Pieter weer

Kan de manager hier niets aan doen?
NaSgJviquSWVWACTw 15-09-2012 23:22
gabrieliamundo seu depoimento me doxieu emocionada. Pra
mim isso e9 sucesso, e9 uma obra imortal, de puro amor
e rock and roll, passa de gerae7e3o em gerae7e3o.
Quando eu nasci os Beatles je1 tinha acabado ha alguns
anos, e comee7ei a gostar desde meus 11 anos. E com
certeza meus filhos ouvire3o, mas infelizmete ne3o
tere3o o privile9gio que tivemos esse domingo. Dia,
momento, horas histf3ricas. Mais que perfeito.
DaveWilliams 02-09-2012 11:35
Enjoying very much the new show on Surf Radio -
\"Oost West Duits Best\". One of my favourite
radio presenters, Edvard Niessing in the chair, proving
beyond doubt that the language of music is
international. I wish Edvard much success, and it is so
nice to see him become part of the Surf Radio family.
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